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You might think that being on a low carb diet requires a lot of sacrifices. Not necessarily. The key is to find “smart” replacements for food which we really enjoy. There are many types of sugars which don’t rise level of glucose in the blood. Change your habits and choose products with lower percent of carbohydrates. Check our lists of replacements and study again nutrition charts. Choose berries over bananas, flax seed homemade bread instead of bagel and etc.

“Sugars” List

  1. Stevia
  2. Mannose
  3. Xylitol

Low Carb Flours List

Before you will buy a product at the shop compare a nutrition chart on the package with our flours. Try find flours with the lowest value of carbohydrates.

  1. Coconut flour                                                                                                                4% of sugar
  2. Soy flour                                                                                                                       25% of sugar
  3. Flax seed flour                                                                                                                zero sugar

Oils List

  1. Coconut Oil

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